Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Semester 1 Art Classes

Welcome to Art 2013!

Our classes have been doing lots of creating this semester!

Exploring Art students have created black and white contrasto designs focusing on positive/negative space. They used charcoal to create spooky value drawings. Currently, they are working on papier mache masks.

Exploring Art- Contrasto Designs
Pamela Bonilla

Isaac Sheehan

Bryce Edwards
Isabelle Holden

Katie Wickman

Creative Design students have designed their own fabric to create decorative pillows. They also created paper molas and package designs. They are currently making creative hats!

Creative Design- Textile Design
Tana Meyer

Tatiana Botelho

Creative Design- Paper Mola/Package Design
Christina Zavas

Victoria Ruizdela Pena

Michaella Bean Snow

Alli Campbell

Drawing and Design students have been learning how to create depth on a 2 dimensional surface. They used 7 different media (materials) to create these abstract value collages. They also did observational drawings of pasta.

Michaela Austin

Abstraction of value forms
Victoria Kennett

Drawing and Design- Pasta Value Drawings

Jen Nadeau

Olivia Beaudet

Carly Sedler

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